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Designer Ruby Royale

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Designer RUBY Royale

deLuxe™ STITCH SYSTEM Less time and effort spent on machine adjustments with high quality results regardless of fabric and thread type. Perfect for metallic, sliver or other specialty thread, this means a gorgeous stitch result on both sides of the fabric.• Thread Portioning feeds the correct amount of thread through the sewing machine for every stitch regardless of what type of thread, fabric thickness or whether you are sewing or embroidering. Get beautiful results for embroideries using specialty threads. • Thread Tension can be manually selected for specific techniques and/or accessories.

LARGE INTERACTIVE SCREEN Easy to navigate through various screens for sewing, editing, and embroidery. • Large (5.7"), clear full-color wide view touch screen with high resolution (640x480). • Clear text and realistic embroidery designs on screen.

INCREASED EMBROIDERY SPEED The perfect time-saver for every embroidery. Your DESIGNER RUBY Royale™ reduces your embroidery time by 20% or more*. * Compared to the DESIGNER RUBY deLuxe™ machine. Actual time depends on hoop and embroidery type.

LARGE EMBROIDERY AREA You can create and embroider large designs up to 360x200mm (14¼"x8") without re-hooping. • Two embroidery hoops included; DESIGNER™ Royal Hoop for designs up to 14¼"x8" (360x200mm) and DESIGNER™ Splendid Square Hoop for designs up to 120x120mm (4¾"x4 ¾").

AUTOMATIC JUMP STITCH TRIM Eliminate trimming time as you create beautiful embroideries. • Cuts your embroidery jump stitches automatically. • Pulls the thread tails to the wrong side of the fabric for quick finishing.

DESIGNER™ SELECTION Endless opportunities to be creative. • More than 1000 stitches. • 7mm stitch width. • Side Motion sewing allows for stitches more than 50mm wide. • 6 sewing fonts with both upper and lower case letters for easy programming. • 182 beautiful designs are loaded in your DESIGNER RUBY Royale™ sewing and embroidery machine. • Classic Collection Embroidery CD includes an additional 175 designs for a total of 357 embroidery designs. • All designs include Automatic Jump Stitch Trims. • 4 built-in embroidery fonts in three different sizes with both upper and lower case letters to label, date and embellish.

Product Code: Ruby Royale

Manufacturer: Husqvarna Viking

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